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David R. Leopold, owner of Pillar to Post Home Inspection in Fairfield County, Conn., says home sellers and their real estate professionals have an important role in preparing for a home inspection to help ensure it goes smoothly. Leopold offers up some of the following tips in a recent article in RISMedia, including: 

1. Don’t hide what isn’t working: If an appliance isn’t working, leave a note that indicates what isn’t working and how you’re getting it fixed. Don’t try to conceal defects because it can make the inspector start to view you as dishonest and wonder what else you’re hiding. 

2. Make things accessible: Ensure the location of the attic and crawlspace are identified and easy to access. Don’t make

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Bruce Willis Sells Idaho Retreat at a Reduced Price
Wall Street Journal 
While far less than Mr. Willis had asked, the sale is still one of the biggest ever in the Hailey area, which is located about 12 miles south of Sun Valley, according to one of the listing agents, Travis Jones of Engel & Völkers Sun Valley.

Myers Park: Tradition and Beauty, Minutes from Downtown Charlotte
Mansion Global
Beautiful architecture, tree-lined streets and accessibility make Myers Park one of North Carolina’s most coveted neighborhoods.

Recruitment Tips
REP Magazine
Brand recognition can only go so far without top talent, and that’s why Engel & Völkers invests heavily in recruitment.

Real Estate Agents Answer: What's The One Thing You Wish Sellers Knew?

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Paying a licensed, experienced cleaner now could save you from more expensive repairs later.

By HomeAdvisor , Brand Partner | Oct 15, 2018 12:14 pm ET | Updated Oct 15, 2018 1:26 pm ET   Gutter Cleaning 101: Why Hiring A Professional Is Worth The Money

The basics of gutters are simple: They channel the water from your roof away from your house so it can pour slowly onto designated areas of your lawn. If you didn't have gutters, rain and melting snow would pour off your house and hit the ground with great force, which would rip up the soil and possibly flood your home.

Depending on where you live and how many trees are in the vicinity of your home, your gutters need to be cleaned either annually or bi-annually. Some homeowners bust out the ladder and clean

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By Liz Dominguez

Historic Inventory Shortage Across U.S., Reports  

Inventory on a nationwide basis is low; in fact, shortages are at their worst in 20 years. What is the current market climate? Looking at the first six months of 2018, inventory listed on® is 18.2 percent lower than it was during the same period of 2015. And the raw number for homes on the market in 2018 (6.2 million) is a lot less than the 14.3 million total in January 2009, according to the U.S. Census.

“Buyers have the least amount of options they’ve ever seen before,” says Javier Vivas, director of Economic Research at, adding that “competition has virtually doubled over the past five years.” analyzed the 50 largest metropolitan statistical areas, focusing on the

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In recent months, data related to sales of both new and existing homes show that the number of sales is flattening out, if not actually declining. Sales of existing homes have dropped slightly in each of the past five months. New home sales have been declining for eight straight months.

Not all of that decline is attributable to rising interest rates, higher prices for homes, or low inventory. Prices have continued to rise although the price hikes have begun to slow. Inventory is also rising, although the increases have just begun and are, so far, fairly modest. Interest rates have averaged more than 4.5% for the past five consecutive months and more than 4.4% for the

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E&V News

Seven-Bedroom Villa With 155 Feet of Beach Frontage in Turks and Caicos
Mansion Global
The two-acre property is fully turnkey, with two swimming pools. 

Expected Mortgage-Rate Hikes May Crimp Housing Market 
The Globe and Mail 
The Toronto Real Estate Board reported that sales in the Greater Toronto Area crept up 1.9 per cent in September compared with the same period last year.

Engel & Völkers Insight Report: Recruiting Challenges & Opportunities 
REAL Trends
Engel & Völkers Insight Report details key drivers that motivate an agent to make a brokerage change as well as what brokers can do to make sure they’re attracting and retaining the right talent.

The 10 Most Profitable Markets for Vacation Homes: Chill Out, Then Cash in

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By Karen Marsala | Oct 8, 2018   kitchen-install-backsplash.

When it comes to the happiness we associate with our homes, few things send spirits soaring quite like a brand-new kitchen. But, realistically, this isn't an option for all of us. Those who are renters or have perennially tight budgets often feel that they are forced to make do with what they currently have.

But wait, there's another alternative: They could give their kitchens a “no-renovation renovation." That's where you give your kitchen a whole new look without ripping out cabinets, replacing countertops, or otherwise spending big bucks (or violating your rental agreement to leave the place as you found it).

While this renovation on a budget doesn’t

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WRITTEN BY CASSANDRA GATTONPOSTED ONMONDAY, 01 OCTOBER 2018 20:21 Renovations to Make Aging at Home Easier  

As you or your loved one ages, your home may need to be adapted to accommodate lifestyle changes, accessibility and independence. Over 41% of individuals plan to stay in their own homes until the age of 81 or older. It is important to make gradual adaptations to your home as you age to allow for maneuverability. When remodeling to age at home, start early and plan ahead. It is cheaper to do small renovations one at a time than an entire home overhaul overnight.

Grab Bars

Installing grab bars can significantly decrease falls and injuries. They should be installed where the floor may get wet or transition to a different level. Grab bars should be

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By Heather Donahoe | Oct 1, 2018  

Don’t do this. Don’t do that. Always do this. Rules, rules, rules. Where’s the fun in that?

We definitely think you should design and decorate your home the way you want. But adhering to just a few simple mandates brings order to the chaos, says Leslie Stephens, owner of Leslie Stephens Design in Richmond, VA.

"When we walk into rooms that are designed using specific principles—geometry, proportion, scale, pattern—we can relax, our brains are at ease, it just ... works," she says. "As humans, we thrive on order, and that's what good design is—using rules to make sense out of what is otherwise random."

And once you know the rules, you can play with them,

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E&V News

Millennials and Baby Boomers Are Competing for the Same Homes
Here's what real estate agents need to know about baby boomer and millennial homebuyers and the housing competition between them.

Rooms With a View: Intown Condo and Townhome Market Still Going Strong
Atlanta Intown
Intown real estate, especially around Atlanta’s BeltLine, continues to get hotter. 

Housing Market in Naples Continues to Show Strength
Naples Daily News
Inventory during August also rose by 2 percent and was driven by a surge of 218 more properties added to the market in the two lowest price categories reported, compared to August 2017.

Dubai’s Swarovski-Inspired Towers Near Completion
Arabian Business
Sparkle Towers, a residential project being built in Dubai Marina in

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